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  • Over twelve years experience in electronic product development and marketing. Broad based decisive leader with proven planning, training, and problem solving skills. Detail oriented manager with exceptional research and team building talents.
  • Taught networking and LinkedIn at Experience Unlimited, Irvine.
  • Teaching at the One-Stop Center at Irvine the Mastering LinkedIn Series of classes.

  • “I first met Edward Coffin at the Experience Unlimited-Irvine office, right after completing my five full days of intensive EU training. On that day, I was staring at a blank PC screen, wondering how to get started with LinkedIn. Seeing that I needed help, Edward approached me and offered to get me “up and running”. He spent over three hours of sharing information and giving me the instructions I needed on using LinkedIn.Over the next few months, I got to know Edward well. I learned that his volunteering to help me that day, is very typical of the type of person he is. Edward has the rare combination of being extremely knowledgeable and caring. (CH)

  • “I originally met Edward as a student in our one-week workshop at Experience Unlimited in Irvine. Edward has a natural ability to want to share and help others. With Edward’s savvy professional contract negotiation background, coupled along with his incredibly great communication skills made him a fantastic addition to our training team. In addition he went the extra mile, Edward gave me some personal time and coached me on the hidden tips and skills to maximize my professional use on Linked-in searches to other unique opportunities.” (DF)

  • Thanks for taking the time to help me clean up my Linked-In site this morning Edward!I can’t thank you enough for your keen insights and understanding of what is important with respect to Linked-In. I have made several changes and am now always on the first page and often #1 when I search on my field of expertise depending on what terms I use in the search. I suspect that I will continue to make updates for a long time to come.Thanks again and I wish you best of success! (JB)

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